Great for retirement homes, van rentals, shuttle services, and school districts.

Reconfiguring the seats in your van can be a great option for vehicles in your California fleet because you won't have to worry about finding drivers who have a CA Class B Commercial Driver license.
Upgrade your seats and floors for a higher quality look and feel to meet the needs of your passengers and drivers.

Simply Removing Seats is Not Enough!

Change your floor plan from a 12 or 15 Passenger to a 10 passenger

Knowledgeable law enforcement officers don’t count the number of seats in the vehicle to determine if the driver needs a commercial driver license. They look at the vehicle information tag on the driver door jamb. If the vehicle information tag says vehicle type is “Bus”, then the driver needs a commercial driver license.

Nor Cal Vans is certified to re-classify and re-label vehicle type from “BUS” to  “MPV,”which only requires a standard class C license.

Seat Config 2

Customize your seating arrangement and floor covering

Nor Cal Vans is your choice for Seat Configuration!


Nor Cal Vans has all necessary certifications to remove and rearrange Ford OEM seats or upgrade to Freedman Seats with our NHTSA certification.

Modifications won’t void any factory warranty because of our Ford QVM status.

Our seat conversion consists of...

  • Disabling seat mounts so seats can’t be re-installed

  • Covering floor pockets with OEM Floor or Altro floor covering

  • Re-classifying and re-labeling vehicle type from “BUS” to vehicle type “MPV”

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